The Lord Giveth and Swarm Taketh Away

Truthfully, it wasn’t a surprise that the swarm was gone. In fact, I was almost expecting it. So when I opened the new hive and found only (3) little bees flying around in it, I wasn’t surprised – but I was greatly disappointed.

The feeling was sort of a numb feeling. One of the worst parts was having to tell my wife – not that she would be anything but supportive. The night I caught the swarm, I sent her the video clip and she sent me the text you see here. She deserves better.

Maybe it was because I left the Lemongrass Cotton Ball inside the super. Maybe I should have captured the queen in a cage. Maybe I should have put a queen excluder over the exit. Was there something wrong with the pallet wood I made the super out of? Maybe it was just bad luck. I don’t really know but I will try the queen excluder next time.

You ever notice how when good things happen it’s a blessing but when bad things happen it’s just bad luck – and there in lies my real disappointment. Yesterday, I thought God had sent me a good omen. Today, I wonder if he is paying attention at all.

I don’t mean to sound so petulant. I’m trying to have faith. Actually my prayer this year, isn’t that nothing goes wrong, but that when things go wrong, God will teach (or at least lead me to the answers) and make me a better beekeeper. Maybe that was what this was about.

Me and Zack painting hives back in 2006

Today actually marks the 11th anniversary since I bought my first bees. I’m not actually sure of the exact date (being that Easter moves around the calendar) but it was on Good Friday 2006 (I had to actually make a timeline to figure the year out).

I can’t believe how much has happened over those years. Losses and Gains (notice the order of those two – obviously I’m a negative person). Finding my wife – losing Dale. Fortunes gained and fortunes lost. My heart attack, my mom’s stroke, my daughter’s sudo-tumor. I published my first book. I traveled to the Canada, the Artic Circle, Ireland, Mexico, Bahamas, Malta, and back home. All of that actually happened in just the past 10 years – It’s been quite the decade and Jen was there for all of it.

By the way: the hive count is back to (9).

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