Mini Mating Nucs – First Use

Yesterday, shortly after 5:00pm, Noah arrived and we headed out to Dr. D’s.

Hive-D.1 is still full of hive beetles. All the traps were empty. But a frame of wax had (20) or (30) beetle larva that I could see and I killed about (20) additional beetles.

This time I cleaned the bottom board and removed the infected frame – I left it laying in the sun for the bees to clean up. I placed a foundationless frame in its place – giving the bees less wax to protect. Then I closed it up and said a prayer.

Next I took my (3) MMN and set them on top of Hive-D.1’s lid. I then shook bees from Hive-B into the MMN.

There was a frame of drone brood in Hive-B, so I cut it out and, using rubber bands, put them into (3) MMN frames. Then I placed one of these in each of the (3) MMN. That worked great as the nurse bees were drawn to the brood.

Several sites say to put about a cup of bees per MMN but I think I got about twice that in each.

Then we opened Hive-D. They were ferocious! Luckily I have a new bee suit and so I was safe and sound – mostly. I did get stung once or twice on the chest – though had I had on my rope vest on, I wouldn’t have gotten those stings.

Noah got his first sting of the season (actually 2) though his jeans. He took it well.

The colored text indicates tomorrow’s planned splits

The new Queen cells were in great shape and there were (11) of them in all. Using a small kitchen knife, I cut out (3) of the cells and placed one in each of the MMN. We set them on the bottom of the MMN – I’m not sure if that is okay. We should have pressed them into the comb but I didn’t think of that until this morning. Once again my knowledge was foiled by my lack of experience. I’ll do it right the next time.

Well after removing the (3) cells, there were still about (8) left. So the plan is use them Wednesday to make splits if it doesn’t rains – which is a good possibility. Best laid plans of mice and men and all those sorts of things.

Total (9) Hives and (3) Mini Nucs

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