Mating Nucs and Self-Loathing

I try to leave my personal business out of this blog but so much of my life is intertwined with my bees. Such was the case this weekend.

I accomplished fuck-all. I was just exhausted. I’ve been working my day job and teaching at night… that combined with the 29lbs I have put on since Lent started (I gave up diet drinks)… well I am just exhausted.

The whole point of this story is that I didn’t do anything this weekend but sleep… except I did check the mini nucs at the house for eggs. Of course I only did this at the very last minute (6:00pm last night) and by then there was not enough light to see if there were eggs or not.

I didn’t see the queen either which makes me think I might need to redesign my min nucs. At present they are designed like deep supers (9 5/8 deep). With the boxes being deeper than they are wide it made it hard to see if the queen was on the bottom or sides. I may redesign them as Mediums.

So in conclusion, I am weeks behind on my schedule and not gaining any ground. I think this is really where success is made or lost – this is where life tries to take over the time set aside for dreams. Some obstacles can’t be overcome… exhaustion and time management are not those sorts of obstacles. I can do better – and I will.

FYI, I started a diet today – that should help with my energy levels.

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