The Queen Is Dead – Long Live The Queen

Death is but a doorTime is but a window. I’ll be back.” – Vigo the Scourge of Carpathia, Ghost Busters II

I got up early Saturday morning to find all the caged queens had died – though there is still the sole survivor in Hive-VE that I didn’t cage. Given each queen cost about $30 (if sold), I lost $240 worth of queens. Oh well.

Time is marching on and as of now, I figure I have about (9) weeks left till the end of the bee season in the Delta. I think that is still enough time to master my grafting technique.

It has now gotten too hot to work much in the afternoons. However, I still need to go to Dr. D’s and get a few pounds of bees to start my mating nucs and to bolster my Starter Hive-VD giggle giggle. I’ll force myself to do that on Wednesday (if my truck is out of the shop by then.) Once that unhappy task is done, then all of my grafting can be done at the house.

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