Procrastination and bad weather

“Procrastination is like masturbation. It feels good at first but in the end you are only screwing yourself.” – Author Unknown

While I have a few readers out there, the truth is that this blog is as much a journal to myself as it is meant for others to read. So today’s entry is just a reminder to myself.

The summer is quickly coming to an end and I am getting so little done. It’s a lot like that feeling you get when you can’t sleep – that minute to minute rationalization/compromise where you tell yourself, “if I go to sleep right now, I can still get six hours sleep.” An hour later you tell yourself, “if I can just go to sleep now, I can still get five hours sleep.” And so on and so on until the unforgiving daylight breaks into the room like a nuclear alarm clock.

The past two weeks have been one rainy day after the next. When the sun does shine, I have a million things I need to get done of which I only seem to ever get a half of a million of them completed.

Yesterday was no different. I got off work at noon, came home, changed the steering pump in my son’s car, and then I ran out of steam. I had planned to make some grafts but I was give out.

Noah was over at the house, so we did manage to walk out to the apiary in the backyard. We didn’t get dressed or take a smoker so we didn’t open the hives – well sort of. We noted that Hive-A.1.VSH had about (20) bees on the landing and Hive-VE had a lot of traffic too.

Hive-VD (giggle giggle) only had two or three bees on the landing so I dared to open the lid. It was just a quick look but this is what I saw:

  1. There are not a lot of bees inside.
  2. The bees have begun to build comb from the lid – because of the beetles this hive only has two frames in it.
  3. There was brood. It was a quick look but it did not look like drone brood. Could it be that the hive has a queen? Could one of the virgins from Hive-VE have flown into the wrong hive and set up shop? I’ll give it a closer look this weekend.
Well it’s late but I might still have SIX weeks of summer left… the nuclear alarm clock is ticking. 

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