Chickens: 107F Heat Index

This weekend was hotter than midget porn – 95͒ F and 60% Humidity.
Summer in the Mississippi Delta is like nowhere else on earth.  It’s hard to say what is more demeaning; the way my sweat soaked shirt clings to my chest or how my testicles cling to my knee. Yeah, it’s that hot.
Despite the heat, I did manage to build my chicken tractor. It’s double wrapped with chicken wire to prevent predators from chewing through. I still need to build a roost inside and add some out rigging to prevent opossums from digging under but the hard part is done.
My wife has fallen in love with our chickens and doesn’t want to put them outside but it’s getting to hard to keep their cage clean enough to keep them in the backroom. So for now, they will be outside in the pen during the day and in the backroom at night. However, in a week or three, the chickens will have to go outside full-time.

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