2018 The Future Looks Bright

“Never pet a burning dog,” – movie quote from, A Good Year.

I do my best to keep this blog purely focused on my beekeeping but something strange happened last week that I don’t want to forget – so indulge me and then I’ll tell about my extraordinary beekeeping year thus far. Or just skip down past the italic part.

On Wednesday, 4/18/18 I woke up singing the 90’s song “If I had  a Million Dollars” by the Bare Naked Ladies. I like the group so that’s not really odd. 

However, the first thing I heard when I got to work was a conversation that had this line in it, “You got me F***ed up talking about what I would do with a million dollars.” Not an unusual conversation given I work in a casino.

Then I went to Walmart after work and the overhead speakers were playing… “If I had a Million Dollars” by the Bare Naked Ladies! So I drove to Arkansas and bought a lottery ticket – and, of course, I didn’t win. 

The time between when I bought the ticket and when the numbers were drawn were filled with pure childlike daydreams. I imagined all the things I would buy, the way I would invest, the people I would help, and those I would shun. I also thought how empty all of my future achievements would be and how lonely my wife and I might end up. In the end, I wasn’t even disappointed not to have won the lottery.

I’ve spent a lifetime looking for signs and have never found one. Nonetheless, if this year proves to be an epic success, then perhaps I’ll look back on this day and say, “All the signs were there.”

What a great bee year so far:

It has been three weeks since I made my splits and they are all doing well… no, they are all doing awesome!

I didn’t realize it had been three weeks until just now. I don’t have a great excuse, other than the weather has been fairly cold and rainy. Not to mention that last week, Dr. D’s father died – I keep my bees at his family’s country homestead.

However, that is all spilled milk. Saturday, I went to Dr. D’s and my bees were busting at the seams and about to swarm.

I moved 5 frames of queen cells to a new hives with nurse bees (Hive number 14). I would have split 10 of my hives but I didn’t have enough lids and bottoms to do it.

In the other hives, I did my best to cut the queen cells out. This is always risky, as you might miss one.

Queen Cells

I then went home and got more boxes and frames and added a box to the 10 overly full hives. The other two hives were doing well but still had two empty frames each – so I left them single stacked for now.

If all goes well, then Wednesday I will make lids and bottoms and Saturday, I will make 10 more splits.

Hive Count: 14 Hives.

BTW: I had a heart scare two months ago and so I have been meditating in the mornings before work to lower my blood pressure. Well, the bees were fairly cantankerous at first on Saturday but then I took a minute to control my breathing and meditate, the bees calmed right down. I suspect my agitation was putting off pheromones and once I relaxed so did the bees.

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