Making Memories

I can’t remember the last note worthy day I had at work. Each day blurs into the next. My job pays the bills but lacks any sort of fulfillment. This is not a complaint – work is work.
My personal life seems to also be passing me by. Shower, work, dinner, TV, sleep… lather rinse repeat. I turned 45 last week and I can’t help but wonder were the last 20 years went.
However, last night time lost all meaning. After work, my wife and I filled mason jars for about an hour. Someday, I am confident, I will have a large honey extracting and bottling facility. For now, it was just the two of us, seated on buckets. I ladled the honey from a bucket into jars, she cleaned and closed them. It was marital bliss – one of those wonderful moments that became nostalgia even as it was happening.
My wife doesn’t read my blog, so she’ll never know I wrote this but I am so blessed to have been given such a partner in life and my life is infinitely better because she is in it.

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