Work And Adversity Are Not The Same Thing

I ran a search for adversity quotes and found a long list of people who think work is the same thing as adversity. That’s when I realized I was behaving like a little bitch too.

Crap keeps breaking around the house… but I’ve been able to fix it all. Sure I’d rather be building beehives… but in truth, my home improvement skills are improving with each new challenge.

“Positivity is such a high predictor of success rates,’ – Shawn Achor

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve improved my plumbing skills, learned how to fix a gas water heater (and check the gas lines), and yesterday, I completely rebuilt an electric water heater. So it wasn’t adversity, it was on the job training.

I considered making this a “how-to” blog on rebuilding a water heater but then I realized my water heater is so old it was likely built by Edwin Ruud himself. (Ruud Invented the water heater in 1889 – careful where you stand, I’m dropping knowledge bombs here).

Anyway, I finally got around to the water heater rebuild Sunday morning. It took three hours but it went pretty much like clockwork.

I then went out to shop to build some hive lids and bases only to find my air-compressor wouldn’t come on.

My shop is packed with lumber – that’s not a complaint – it’s like saying I can’t wear Bermuda shorts because my penis hangs out the bottom. Nonetheless, it made it impossible to trouble shoot the outlet. So I unplugged the cord and tried a different outlet (which fixed the issue).

Since my shop is only about 12’x16′, I decided to get the compressor up off the floor and out of the way by mounting it to the ceiling. Doing this by myself took the rest of my day. So there are no helpful tips from this weekends efforts.

Now on a sadder note:

Ester, the chicken that was attacked by a dog, died Saturday. While she completely healed up from the dog bite, she never got over the infection caused by the other chickens pecking her featherless bottom.

Though she seemed to be doing better, I had been worried about the upcoming warm weather and how she would fair. In truth, I’m relieved it’s over but I still feel guilty for not putting her down myself. If such a thing ever happens again, I hope I’ll have the courage to do what is best.

So to end this on a happy note, here are a bunch of pictures of my Japanese Magnolia in bloom (aka Saucer Magnolia).

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  1. arlingwoman says:

    What a hoot this is. I do a lot of cooking with honey, too (and have yummy honey cake recipe), not to mention sorghum, molasses, agave and other stuff and some of your recipes are intriguing…We have bees in the community garden, and they appear to be doing well these past couple years. I’m hankering after a bit of honey from them…Thanks for stopping by my blog. It led me over here to yours.

    Liked by 1 person

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