Book Review: The Wonders Of Beekeeping

  • Written by: Andrew Davis
  • Narrated by: Alex Norton

The books original title, as seen on the cover, was Practical Advice For Would Be Smaller Holders but was later changed to The Wonders Of Beekeeping

I have owned this book since 2014 and I listen to it every year before the beekeeping season starts. Alex Norton’s Scottish brogue has become the theme music of my beekeeping journey.

The book is fairly short, as are most audio beekeeping books, but it is filled with useful information. The best of this information is the section on hive splits.

If you are a new beekeeper, then I strongly suggest you give this book a listen. If you are a seasoned beekeeper, then I still suggest this book – sure it won’t provide you with new information but you just might be reminded of some basics you have forgotten.

If for no other reason, I recommend this book for Alex Norton’s voice. The way he says Mer-Der when talking about killing old queens, echoes in my head every time I have to do the deed.

Just a wonderful book… I think I’ll give it a listen before I make my Spring splits next week.

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  1. The Homesteaders Wife says:

    Ha! Murrr-derr! I think we have this one but I have never heard his voice. But now I HAVE TO. 😂🤗

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