Tornadoes And Rain Offer Up Convincing Excuses

The rain has kept me from getting any work done on my micro-homestead.. “yeah, that’s the ticket, it was the rain!”

As for my poor weight loss, I’m blaming that on the tornado.

I only lost 1 pounds this week, making my total weight loss 15.6 pounds in two weeks.

However, this is a fluke weight… Saturday, I was down 3 additional pounds. The up-tick is most likely due to all the salt I ate Saturday night at the crawfish boil in Vicksburg (During the Tornado!) mixed with all the travel we did (Evacuating from the Tornado!) causing a fluid buildup. So I suspect, that the weight will come off tomorrow.

You may have seen the tornado on the news. We were actually blessed, given the tornado hit within a mile of us.

While I stuck to my diet, I did have three heavy meals that caused me to go over 2000 calories three days in a row. However, I never went completely off the rails and always stayed below my recommended daily intake of 2700 cal. All three of those meals were due to social events – I’ll have to be more mindful of those in the future.

I also only made it to the track twice last week due to the rain… “Yeah, the rain!”

Nonetheless, this is a new week and I am still committed. That being said, I’m still hangry.

At least once a day I have to tell myself, “No that person is not starting a fight with you… ‘how are you?’ is a normal greeting… now unball your fist.”

Let’s face it, I’d Murder Puppies For A Klondike Bar.

Did you know that hangry is an actual word in the Merriam/Webster Dictionary?

I found research on the internet (so it has to be true) – “Hangry”can be caused by both low blood sugar and by the mental exhaustion brought on by making responsible choices. The upside is that the irritability should begin to pass around 21 days, which is next Monday.

Here are those article links: Hangry Research More Hangry Research 21 days makes the habit

In all seriousness, this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. And to be honest, it’s not that bad. Jen and I are starting to make better choices. Instead of ordering Tacos Al Carbon with beef, I ordered them with chicken. They were still good and saved me nearly 300 calories.

If I want something sweet, I just have to save enough calories to have it. Like McDonald’s Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone is just 200 cal. Though, this is contingent on the world’s most delicate piece of equipment being functional… the McDonald’s ice cream machine. Still, you can see my point.

Take for instance, last night. We grilled chicken on the pit, with squash, and corn on the cob. It was a very big meal and still came in under 700 calories.

So while I didn’t have a big weight loss this week, I am still moving in the right direction… besides, it looks like the rain is starting to let up.

Sorry for the long post… So here’s my cat licking my rabbit… hehe, that sounds dirty.

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