Week 2 Update: Straw-Bale Potatoes

After two weeks of fertilizing, watering, and basking in MY POWER TO BEND NATURE TO MY WILL… my first attempt to grow potatoes in Straw-bales was an epic failure.

Yesterday, I dug down and found that the seed potato had deteriorated to a pudding like consistency… I could be wrong but that didn’t seem right. Given I didn’t condition the bales, I suppose this was to be expected.

Nonetheless, it’s been two weeks, and as a result, the bales should now be conditioned just the same. So this afternoon I will start again with new seed potatoes. Wish me luck.

By the way, if you have any helpful tips (or pithy comments), please leave a comment below… I could use all the help I can get.

Growing Kids

My wife and I pride ourselves on being good parents. We have a 25 yo daughter and a 22 yo son who both make us extremely proud. So allow me to humble-brag here.

Friday my son told me that he and his sister had been arguing over who was the favorite. How great is it that they both think they are the favorite? I told my son he was being ridiculous and that we loved them both equally… besides, the dog is our favorite. I regret nothing!

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Here is a good blog on raised beds you might also what to check out. https://muchmoremulch.blog/2019/05/16/redoing-vegetable-beds-update/

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