Honey Recipe: The Great Honey Round-up

Today is a bit of a cheat on my part. The truth is that on Wednesday I spent 4 hours slow grilling a 7 pound pork shoulder, so I could make Honey Barbecued Pulled Pork Sandwiches but just as I was about to make the sauce, I realized I had forgotten to buy tomato paste and hard cider (two important ingredients). Exhausted and defeated (and too lazy to drive back to the store), I just gave up and used a bottle of Sassy Jones Barbecue Sauce. My chagrin knows no bounds.

However, another blogger wrote an excellent blog where she took honey recipes from a bunch of bloggers (your truly included) and made The Great Honey Round-up. So just click that link to get sent to her blog where she posted 40 honey recipes.

As for me, I will sit here in my shame and contemplate how good that Honey Barbecued Pulled pork would have been.

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  1. Irene says:

    Don’t beat yourself up, there’s always next week!

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  2. You left us a bit in the lurch… was the pork still good with the BBQ sauce? Even though I gather it had no honey in it?

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    1. Bryan Layton says:

      It tasted like shame! 😁 I seasoned it with salt, pepper, and onion powder… and cooked it with charcoal with the fire to one side of the pit… it was simply delicious!


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