How To Build An Awesome Cross Cut Jig

With a proper jig, a skill-saw can be the safest and easiest way to cut plywood down to size.


2019 First Hive Inspection: Is All Hope Lost?

As I left the house, I felt as if I would vomit. Every plan I have for the next 5 years hinges on ending this year with 100 hives – and to do that, I need at least 13 hives to have survived the winter.

My Determination is Tested When a Pipe Ruptures

I was so tired and sore as I walked back to the hole, that if I had any other option I would have taken it. Nonetheless, when you are the man of the house, failure is not an option. So I manned up and crawled back into the mud.

Making Beautiful Hive Stamps: What You Need To Know

I am so pleased with my new hive stamp. It is 10” long and about 2” tall and, as you can see, works like a charm. I made it out of 1.5mm craft foam that you can get at WalMart or Amazon. In fact I had purchased some of this foam last Wednesday and had…

How Many Hobbies Can One Man Have?

I work/commute 64 hours a week. When I’m not working I am either beekeeping, building hives, or spending time with my wife. Every other Saturday (when my wife is working at the hospital) I lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing – then I loathe myself for wasting the time. Then there is the…


In 2006 I bought 50 beehives. Life happened and I was forced to abandon the project. In March 2015 I began again with the 3 surviving hives. Now I am trying to move from a Clueless Beekeeping Novice with 3 hives to Professional Beekeeper. So with that in mind, I will share my adventure, my…

When Building Beehives – If You Save Time, You Save Money

Beehives beg to be built from scarp lumber. With the outside dimensions of 16-1/4 x 19-7/8, even seemingly useless construction scarps can be used. I have built hives from old pallets. When people hear that, they immediately start posting comments about chemicals in pallet wood. Well I have built about 12 hives from pallets and…

Valuable Knowledge I Gained Harvesting My First Goose

Let me start with how it all went down. I didn’t mean to name the geese but, like an earwig that burrows into your brain, the name Bruce the Goose was named in my mind, even if I didn’t say it out loud. I later named the other goose, Bradshaw after Nick “Goose” Bradshaw from…

New Year – New Blog

Moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” —George Bernard Shaw