Harsh Heat Index Postpones The Honey Harvest… and other humidity problems

With a heat index of 115° beekeeping gets dangerous…


Work And Adversity Are Not The Same Thing

I ran a search for adversity quotes and found a long list of people who think work is the same thing as adversity. That’s when I realized I was behaving like a little bitch.

My Determination is Tested When a Pipe Ruptures

I was so tired and sore as I walked back to the hole, that if I had any other option I would have taken it. Nonetheless, when you are the man of the house, failure is not an option. So I manned up and crawled back into the mud.


In 2006 I bought 50 beehives. Life happened and I was forced to abandon the project. In March 2015 I began again with the 3 surviving hives. Now I am trying to move from a Clueless Beekeeping Novice with 3 hives to Professional Beekeeper. So with that in mind, I will share my adventure, my…

Valuable Knowledge I Gained Harvesting My First Goose

Let me start with how it all went down. I didn’t mean to name the geese but, like an earwig that burrows into your brain, the name Bruce the Goose was named in my mind, even if I didn’t say it out loud. I later named the other goose, Bradshaw after Nick “Goose” Bradshaw from…