Book Review: The Wonders Of Beekeeping

I have owned this book since 2014 and I listen to it every year before the beekeeping season starts. Alex Norton’s Scottish brogue has become the theme music of my beekeeping journey.

Work And Adversity Are Not The Same Thing

I ran a search for adversity quotes and found a long list of people who think work is the same thing as adversity. That’s when I realized I was behaving like a little bitch.

2019 First Hive Inspection: Is All Hope Lost?

As I left the house, I felt as if I would vomit. Every plan I have for the next 5 years hinges on ending this year with 100 hives – and to do that, I need at least 13 hives to have survived the winter.

My Determination is Tested When a Pipe Ruptures

I was so tired and sore as I walked back to the hole, that if I had any other option I would have taken it. Nonetheless, when you are the man of the house, failure is not an option. So I manned up and crawled back into the mud.

Making Beautiful Hive Stamps: What You Need To Know

I am so pleased with my new hive stamp. It is 10” long and about 2” tall and, as you can see, works like a charm. I made it out of 1.5mm craft foam that you can get at WalMart or Amazon. In fact I had purchased some of this foam last Wednesday and had…

How Many Hobbies Can One Man Have?

I work/commute 64 hours a week. When I’m not working I am either beekeeping, building hives, or spending time with my wife. Every other Saturday (when my wife is working at the hospital) I lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing – then I loathe myself for wasting the time. Then there is the…