Harsh Heat Index Postpones The Honey Harvest… and other humidity problems

With a heat index of 115° beekeeping gets dangerous…


Book Review: The Wonders Of Beekeeping

I have owned this book since 2014 and I listen to it every year before the beekeeping season starts. Alex Norton’s Scottish brogue has become the theme music of my beekeeping journey.

2019 First Hive Inspection: Is All Hope Lost?

As I left the house, I felt as if I would vomit. Every plan I have for the next 5 years hinges on ending this year with 100 hives – and to do that, I need at least 13 hives to have survived the winter.

Making Beautiful Hive Stamps: What You Need To Know

I am so pleased with my new hive stamp. It is 10” long and about 2” tall and, as you can see, works like a charm. I made it out of 1.5mm craft foam that you can get at WalMart or Amazon. In fact I had purchased some of this foam last Wednesday and had…

How To Blueprint: 1×4 Deep Beehive Super

If anyone is interested, here is the Blueprint for my 1×4 deep beehive super. “A Goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery (That’s is my new favorite quote!) As I mentioned in an earlier blog this super is built with 1×4’s and cost about $9.50 to build. Using nine 1×4’s…